Friday, August 27, 2010


August 22, 2010 at 9:01pm…

today was rather uneventful. Steph and I got up early to go pick up another student missionary and we got to the airport and waited and waited and she never came! So, we hope she is safe, but we have no idea what happened… oh the mission field- so unpredictable! This morning we started a load of laundry in the one washer that is here, and I’m not kidding when I tell you it took 5 HOURS to complete. At first the washer wouldn’t even go thru the cycle, then they turned the water off to fix a faucet and the washer didn’t cycle thru again when the water was back on… So we tried a different cycle and FINALLY it finished, but unfortunately we hung our clothes out at about 5 which only gave them about an hour to dry so needless to say they are still damp on the line. We’re praying they don’t smell terrible in the morning… Even doing laundry is hard here! But I found my favorite thing here thus far- this afternoon I had the best orange juice in the world. Steph and I were talking about how we’ve been a bit disappointed because we were looking forward to eating a lot of fresh delicious fruit while we were here and all we have really had is beans, rice, yucca, and potatoes…. But there is a fruit stand across the street from home, so we walked over there this afternoon and bought some pineapple and some other fruit that looks like very large grapes (I forgot the name) and we had some fresh squeezed OJ. I’m going back tomorrow! Haha :) We did a little reading and guitar/ukulele playing today and we watched Planet Earth tonight. And that about sums up the day!

I’m tired tonight, so I’m hoping to get some good sleep! I sure to miss my bed and all my pillows… haha, that might sound silly but my pillows are very near and dear to me, and they really do make all the difference in the world! :) Well, that’s all I’ve got, so good night!

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