Friday, August 20, 2010

i'm definitely not in Kansas anymore!!

It’s the 17th and its 9:23.. today has been a long day! We got up pretty early this morning and had breakfast with the girls, then we took showers and got ready to go to Pucallpa! Cindy, the girl who has been doing Public Health this summer, went with us to show us around and she also had some things to do in town. Pucallpa is not a huge city, but it’s one of the bigger ones in Peru. There were a TON of motorcars and taxis driving crazy thru the streets, the streets are pretty dirty, and it is just completely different than anything in the US. I don’t even know what to compare it to- its busy just like any big city, but obviously things aren’t as nice or clean. It seems like there are sooo many small business owners- there were so many people selling all kinds of things. We went to a market called Los Andes- it’s kind of like a Walmart, only much smaller. They had some American products, like we found peanut butter but it was 20 soles for one jar! That’s about $7 for one jar!! So, needless to say we did not buy it. We did however, find some delicious little cookies and wafer snacks that we bought. They were cheap and yummy. Then we went to a great vegetarian restaurant for lunch- I was surprised, we drove by several vegetarian restaurants. That was exciting to me! Steph and I will have many places to try when we go back. We ran a few more errands then we took a motocar out to the airport because there is free wireless there! It was great to get caught up with people and I got to talk to Mitchell via Skype so that was a bonus!  I really miss everyone… reading emails still makes me tear up.. it’s hard getting used to this lack of communication when I was so accustomed to it at home. You don’t realize how much we rely on the internet and phones and all that until you don’t have anything.. I suppose it’s kind of a good thing in a way, but I still wish we had internet. Anyhow, we got back to the base and the guys had made some supper, so we ate again and then we had worship and then we played UNO! It was way fun. Oh, day ruiner--- ants got into my trail mix!!! I was soo mad!! It was my favorite! I don’t know how they did it, but they did and I was very upset. So, if you’re wondering what to send me- Monster trail mix from Target! Haha  and please put it in an extra Ziploc- dad you were right, Ziplocs are my friends. Haha

You know, one thing I have noticed here is that people don’t really have a schedule. You just do what you need to do when you can do it. And somehow everything still gets done. It seems so much more relaxed then the US. It can be almost frustrating at first, but if you just go with it, it really is nice.

Well, my feet stink and I’m tired and I forgot what else I was going to say. Haha. So I guess I’ll just go to bed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow as we go to KM 21. I will be sure to write a lot about that tomorrow. Oh yeah, all the places here seem to be marked by kilometers- like our base is at km 38, and another place we stopped at today was referred to as km 19. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Ok, buenas noches y dulce sueños.

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