Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 more days

wow. time flies, let me tell you. i think it was just yesterday that i was talking about wanting to be a student missionary and have the adventure of a lifetime. in reality that was about 2 years ago, and now i'm 3 days away from leaving! there are all kinds of emotions running through my head, i'm so excited to go, but yet so sad to leave. i'm really terrible at good byes, especially with people i'm very close to and know i won't see for an extended period of time... its just not a good situation.. haha but, i'm praying every day, for me and for everyone that i'm leaving here. i know that all of this is only possible with God as the center- he is the only way i will make it through.
i really don't know what the next 9 months will bring me- a lot of surprises! :) i think this will be an amazing journey, a growing experience, a chance to witness, an opportunity to get to know people and HELP them and spend time with them. i'm excited for the new culture, getting away from all the distractions that are in this great country i live in. its just all going to be a once in a lifetime thing, and i can't wait.
buenas noches.. :)

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