Tuesday, August 31, 2010


August 29, 2010 at 9:30 pm

We made homemade applesauce today!!! I peeled and Steph cut and then I boiled and mashed them. It turned out so good, I was so impressed with myself. Haha :) AND the guys who came in last night brought peanut butter and pancake mix…so we had my favorite meal- pancakes with peanut butter and applesauce. Oh my, I was a happy girl. :)

It was a productive Sunday today, Steph and I finally washed our mountain of clothes and the washer was working today and it only took like 5 hours to do it all! Hooray! We cleaned up our room and got it ready for the girls who are coming tomorrow. We also went to Campo Verde today to get groceries for the week, so we got a lot done today and that felt good.

I was reading Blue Like Jazz again today and I came across an excellent thought-“what I believe is not what I say I believe; what I believe is what I do.” I thought it was a very profound and it really hit me. It’s so easy to just say you believe something, but do you really DO things that you believe? Like if you believe in helping the homeless do you actually DO something about it? You can say you believe in God, but do you really live a life that shows it?

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