Friday, August 27, 2010


August 20, 2010 at 8:25 pm.

I am practically sweating in bed right now just laying here. Ugh. Humidity is not my friend. I feel so sticky and gross! And it is very hard to get comfortable and sleep when you feel like this and you’re paranoid about bugs in your bed. Haha

Have you ever swept a floor and it took you such a long time and you were so proud of your work, but then you look back at it and it doesn’t look like you touched it? Ugh, I hate that feeling. Steph and I decided that we were going to clean up our house so that it would be ready when the other student missionaries start arriving next week. I got a broom, dawned some gloves, found a trash bag and started working. I picked up a lot of random trash items, tried to organize the other random things I found, and we swept like there was no tomorrow. We probably could have made a garden with all the dirt we swept up. And when it was all over, it really didn’t look that much different! Haha  oh well, at least we feel better about it. And there are fewer cobwebs now. haha. So, anyhow that took a good portion of our morning. We knew that the doctor was planning on cooking for all of us for lunch and that we were going to have a little fiesta for one of the guys for his birthday. We were planning on going to that, but it ended up that they were planning on going to a lake and picnicking, and if we went we would have no time to go to Pucallpa like we had planned on. So 3 of us, Bernadette, Steph and myself decided to skip the party and go to Pucallpa. Oh, I must not forget to tell you- I was helping Bernadette pick lemons to make lemonade and I was attacked by some crazy killer bees! I got stung 5 times! One had really good aim and got me right between the eyes, then one on my arm and 2 on my neck and one on my back! They were sore and swollen for hours! I really hate bugs of any kind. Haha. So anyway, back to Pucallpa- we did our thing, and decided we were indeed hungry so we found another vegetarian restaurant!  This one was run by a very nice lady from Columbia. We had delicious papaya, and gluten with beans, plantains, rice, and salad and then arroz con leche for dessert. It was sooo yummy. That made my day. I get so tired of all the looks I get from everyone and the whistling and “hey baby”’s and when we were having lunch I felt respected and just away from all that and it was really nice. That might sound silly, but it was true.

This week has really been one of adjustment. I still don’t feel completely wonderful about this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I’m here its just been very hard. Getting used to squat pots, freezing cold showers, strange food, lack of communication- both here and with people at home, strange looks, dirt everywhere, huge bugs.. it has just been transition. And everyone was right, it’s something that you have to experience to understand. I keep reminding myself that God has a plan, and with him all things are possible. I was reading in Phillipians this morning and how it was saying to be content in all circumstances. That is a tough thing to do sometimes. But I believe it is the right thing to do- God really has provided, I have everything I need and I even have my best friend here with me for support. I think as time goes on and as we really get things started in the next week or so it will get better. Certainly busier too, but I think maybe I will have more of a sense of purpose. As always, your prayers are greatly appreciated  Love to all, and to all a good night. And Feliz Sabado!

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