Friday, August 27, 2010


August 26, 2010 at 9:55 pm.

Showers of blessings. That’s what today was, literally and figuratively. We experienced our first Peruvian thunderstorm this afternoon! It was pretty crazy, it was sooo hot this morning, but around 5 the wind picked up and we could see the dark clouds rollin in! They came quickly and it poured for quite a while. It was so loud because our house has a tin roof so the noise made the whole experience even better. The storm even dropped some pea-size hail on us! The poor guys were stuck out in the jungle cutting down trees so they came back drenched! But lucky for them, the 3 of us girls made some delicious supper for them. We made soup with rice, carrots, and potatoes plus an array of wonderful seasonings. I really am becoming quite the chef, no joke. :) haha I also made tortillas again tonight. YUM!

This morning we were at KM 21 again to finish up the health campaign. We had a meeting at the school because we still had a few families to talk to so we thought it would be easy for them to just come meet us there. Well, unfortunately no adults came so we just gave our lesson to the kids. They seemed to enjoy it, so we will just hope that they share the information with their parents! This has been a challenging project in many ways.. I just wish we had more time to work on it. Anyway, we weren’t sure what time we were going to be done, and Steph had told our motocar driver to come back at 12:30. Well, we ended up being done a lot earlier than we thought so we ended up talking to this family and getting to know them better. And we were able to schedule an appointment to take a girl into La Posta (a free medical clinc) and then Pucallpa so that she can get something like insurance for her and her baby. So we think that God provided that extra time for us to be able to help these families out.

This afternoon, in celebration of Mitchell and my one year anniversary and Kelsey’s birthday, Steph and I went to the juice stand across the street and had orange juice and other treats. It was quite delightful and I got to practice some Spanish talking to the very nice lady that owns the stand. So that was muy bueno. Haha

So I feel like today was one of the more positive days I’ve had thus far. I was feeling pretty good today and I think that things will just continue to get better. I’m even getting used to the freezing cold showers! It’s funny, even when I am sweating bullets I get in the shower, turn on the water, step under it and it STILL takes my breath away! Haha Even though last night was a rough time for me I think God gave me a shower of blessings today. So refreshing. :)

On that note, we have to make breakfast in the morning and then we’re off to Pucallpa! Hooray for internet and communication with the outside world!! :) Entonces, yo nececito ir al dormir. Or something like that. Haha I need to go to bed, Good night!!

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