Monday, October 25, 2010


October 24, 2010 at 9:11 pm
Well, I haven’t written the past couple of days… So I’m going to try to cover all the exciting news that’s happened. :)
On Friday we got the coolest, ghettoest van ever. It’s a Toyota- a 1988 model, so that makes it 2 years older than me. There is no handle for the door on the inside, the knob on the shifter deal looks like a snow globe, there are stickers of Jesus and Mary on the steering wheel, and sometimes it just doesn’t shift, or it knocks itself out of gear. Today the boys had to push it to get it started. It’s a vehicle full of adventure. :)
On Sabbath 2 of the best things in the world happened. First, I used the new skillet that my parents sent down to fry potatoes. You have to understand that ALL of our skillets here are the most horrible things ever. They look like they’ve been through a fight with a baseball bat and EVERYTHING sticks to them horribly!! So, when I used the brand new, non-stick, perfectly amazing skillet I was VERY excited. And our potatoes and eggs were basically perfect. Then, on Sabbath afternoon around 4 o’clock I got to talk to Mitchell!!! For the first time in a month I got to hear his voice again. :) Basically the best thing ever. We were both so shocked that he actually got thru and that we were talking that our conversation was a bit scattered, but it was sooo great. :)
Then today—we had a clinic in a village about 20 minutes from here. We were supposed to leave at 7 so that translated into leaving at 8:30. We headed out in the truck and the van and drove out to the village. We got there and of course it was a surprise to the people there because that’s how we work in Peru- we just show up and tell them what we’re doing. The cool thing is, everyone is really ok with it. They are all so open and willing to help us with whatever. So today we used the little building that is their clinic and set up shop in there. It was nice because pharmacy got to actually have our own room! I didn’t feel so crowded and that was super nice. We gave a ton of shots and worked like crazy till lunch. Then it started to pour down rain. Steph and Caleb and I had to come back to the house for some extra meds that we were out of, and on the way back we got stuck in the mud. And I mean, like seriously stuck. There was a motocar in the middle of the road and we tried to go around them and our back wheel started to slip and pretty soon the whole passenger side of the truck slid into a ditch on the side of the road. We tried to get out, but to no avail. Several people passed us and then a nice guy on a motorcycle came by and tried to help us. That didn’t work either but Steph was able to go back with him and take the meds and then send for help. Caleb and I sat and waited and chatted for a while. Finally, some guys in a red truck came to our rescue. First they tried to pull us out from the front. That was a mistake because it got the truck even more stuck! Since the first idea was an epic failure they decided to pull us out from the backside. They tied our bumper to their bumper and pulled and pulled. Then we had to push- it was 4 Peruvian guys and me pushing with all our might. It worked, but I slipped into a huge, deep puddle of mud and got my feet all muddy. This mud was pretty much just clay and it was a mess. Our shoes had huge platforms of mud on the bottom. So when we tried to walk we just slid around all over. Finally, they did get the truck out. The whole fiasco took a couple of hours and I felt really bad because Caleb and I weren’t helping with the clinic during that time obviously.. But what can you do? Things just happen sometimes. So that was my exciting story for the day. :) Now I’m super tired so I’m headed to bed. Night!


October 18, 2010 at 10:17 pm
This morning Lauren and I got up at 5… We had to make breakfast, but neither of us had showered since Sabbath morning so we really needed a shower! Haha. Let me tell you, 5 in the morning is a terrible time to shower here! It was soooo cold! But that woke me up and then we headed over to make breakfast. I made 70 something biscuits and Lauren made gravy and fried some potatoes. I cut up a papaya and we had other fruit out- it was quite the feast! The rest of my morning consisted of cleaning and getting the place ready for our visitors. Steph and I also went to Pucallpa with our friend Lucho because he’s really sick and we needed to have a blood test done that could only be done there. When we got back it was pouring down rain here! We were preparing supper in the other house and it was so loud! A lot like the first big rainstorm we had, but this time it was longer and louder. And we have a seriously leaky roof in the kitchen so there was pretty much a lake in the middle of the floor. After dinner we had Christmas with the AWESOME boxes that my parents sent down!!! It was the best part of my whole day! The boxes were loaded with most everything that we had lost and then some!! It was perfect. But now I miss my family even more. :( Thank you soooo much mom and dad for everything- it was absolutely amazingly perfect. And thank you sooo much everyone who has been so supportive thru this whole thing and for the financial help to get everything and get it down here to us. I appreciate it more than you know. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


October 5-7, 2010
Well, I had written in my journal for these days so that I wouldn’t forget what happened and I could blog about it. Unfortunately, my journal was in my backpack and was stolen with the rest of my belongings. :( So I’m going to try to recount the events of these days to the best of my memory. :)
Day one I was feeling really yucky. My stomach was bubbly and I had a headache, and that is never a good combination when you are about to head out to the jungle for 4 days. We left the house at about 9 and headed into Pucallpa to Peru Projects base to get on our boats and head out. I think we ended up leaving at about 1 o’clock. Our first village was a 3 hour boat ride through the winding river, we had a very small, short clinic there and then packed everything back up and headed to the next village to spend the night so we would be ready early the next morning. This whole afternoon I have just felt like poop, and I probably didn’t give everything my full effort… Oh, and I have to put this in- I had my first jungle poop in this village. Go ahead and laugh, you really have to be in the jungle to understand. Haha :) By the time we got to the second village I just wanted to crash right there on the sand. Steph and I got our tent set up and I literally fell into bed- well, I fell right onto my thermarest. :) We woke up the next morning and we were absolutely parched. We decided to put our water filter to good use, so we headed down to the muddy river. We started pumping the water but our filter wasn’t working. Disappointed, we headed back up and went on a water hunt. Don’t worry, we found some. Haha anyway, we ate breakfast and walked thru the village to the building where we were having the clinic. We set up like usual and had a pretty average clinic day. Nothing too exciting happened- we haven’t had a surgery in a while which has been a little disappointing. Haha. After we were done, we packed up and carried our stuff back down to the boat. Jenessa and I were trying to carry a huge trunk on our shoulders with a number of other random items on top of it. We tried to bend down together with the trunk on our shoulders to pick up a water bottle and epically failed. We started giggling and then neither of us could get up and the trunk just fell on the ground. Haha :) Thankfully, a nice local came and helped us out and carried the trunk the rest of the way. As we were about to leave, Chris and Caleb found a monkey. They had been threatening to buy one since we got here and they bargained with the people in the village and bought a stupid monkey for 40 soles. All of us girls were so mad. We kept telling them that all it was going to do was make a mess for them to clean up and be annoying. Monkeys belong in the jungle- they’re not pets. Anyway, they didn’t care about what we had to say and the bought the dumb thing anyway. It was now time to head to the next village so once again we piled into the boats and headed out. To this point none of us had taken a shower and we were all feeling pretty smelly. So, what to do but jump in the river! That’s exactly what we did. Our driver just stopped and all of us grabbed our shampoo and soap and took a bath in the river with the piranhas. :) We got to the last village in the evening and set up camp in their school. Steph, Jenessa, Hanna and I slept out in this open air building where Hanna and Jenessa strung their hammocks and Steph and I set up our tent. We all slept really well until 5:30 in the morning. This village had a little town square deal and it had loud speakers by it. At 5:30 am some crazy guy gets on the loud speaker and says Hola like 50 times and then starts playing some music really loudly. Oh, I was so upset. I hate alarms- this was worse than an alarm. It went on for a good 15 minutes. Ugh, I was mad. Haha. But anyway, we got up and made some breakfast. Dr. Shayar bought a piranha and decided to fry it up, so I had a bite. I mean, we were living in the jungle, I had to live it up. haha :) we started our clinic at 9 and went straight thru into the afternoon. We saw all the people that wanted to be seen, and it went really well. Steph and I were the only 2 in the pharmacy but we kept up surprisingly well. Here comes the next funny story. We had a free afternoon so all of us girls decided we wanted to go bathe in the river because we were feeling really grimy. One of the local ladies had told us about a “nice” place to bathe. So, we gathered our things and headed down there. The “nice” place to bathe was a piranha filled lagoon. Hahaha :) I won’t go into too much detail, but it was a very memorable bath. Haha.
I think that about sums up the gist of our trip. When I got back I examined my poor little body. It had been deprived of nutrients and eaten up by bird-size mosquitoes. I bet I have over 100 bites all over my body. It’s very unfun, I itch all over. I’ve been applying generous amounts of Chiggerex all over my body. Haha :) But after just a couple days of being at home, there’s no need to worry about it being deprived of nutrients anymore. Haha, we eat good here. :)
Anyhow, I think that’s about all I’ve got for now. :)


October 8, 2010
Today was the scariest day of my life. We had been on the river for 3 days doing medical clinics at different villages along the river. Everything had been going well- we’d been roughin’ it and getting a taste of what living in the jungle is like, and getting to help people. I had been enjoying my time very much. The doctor had promised us 3 days of work and then one free day. Our plan on day 4 was to get up, eat, pack up and leave. Well, things got started late as usual and then the motorcar didn’t come to take our stuff down to the boat so we had to carry all our huge trunks and our personal bags down to the boat. That was hard work in itself! We finally had everything loaded and left at about 12.Our group was spilt into 2 boats. Steph, Hanna, Laura, Doc, Shirley and I were in one boat and everyone else was in the other. As we headed down the river we were just chatting about how excited we were to be going home to a shower and a clean comfy bed and to see the guys that we’d missed all week and meet the new SM. There was just so much to look forward to! About an hour down the river I had to go to the bathroom really bad. About that time the doctor wanted to know if any of us wanted to swim. We all said no to the swim, but I asked if we could stop so I could go to the bathroom. The doctor laughed at me of course, but had our driver pull over and I did my thing and we were back on the way. About 3 hours into the trip we passed one of the villages that we done a campaign at the second day we were there. At this point the river opened up some so we headed toward the middle of the river. I was sitting on the bow of the boat facing backwards and all of a sudden we feel a thump on our boat. I look up to see 4 armed men with masks and painted faces. One man is pointing a gun directly at me. My heart stopped. A sense of incredible fear flooded over me. It felt like I was in a movie or a dream. Not knowing what to do I jumped down and sat on the floor by Steph and Hanna’s feet. They start yelling at us and are pointing their shotguns at us (The guns were huge and double barreled- and I think they were automatic. Whatever they were they were terrifying). They yelled at us to keep our eyes down and to give them our valuables. They just started taking things- digging through our luggage looking for valuables. They didn’t even bother looking thru some bags, like mine, they just took the whole thing. The man who appeared to be the leader was standing right in front of me and he came down and started digging through our pockets- he even took the 20 centimos that was in my pocket. This entire time I am just praying with all my heart that God will keep us safe. I’m thinking about my family and Mitchell and praying, praying, praying. At one point as I was praying I felt my heart slow way down and I felt this calm sense like God was telling me it was going to be ok- it was about a 2 second feeling and it was amazing. I was bracing myself to either get shot or kidnapped. I was SOOOOO incredibly scared. They asked if we had another boat and what we were doing. The doctor told them that we had just been doing medical clinics and he was a doctor. Then he told them that we did have another boat but it just had meds in it. They asked if there were soldiers in it and the doctor told him no, but there were angels guarding it. The men just laughed and continued to search us for valuables. At this point, I’m just praying and trying not to make a sound as I’m sobbing in fear. I told God that I was here to serve Him, and if it meant dying for Him that I was ready but I really, really didn’t want it to be that way. But I said my life is yours- do with it what you want. This whole time felt like an eternity but I would assume it took all of 10 minutes. They jumped off our boat and took off in theirs very quickly. We were all in complete shock of what had just happened. We looked back and all of our things were gone except for the 2 bags and a few things that they had dumped out of a few peoples’ bags that they didn’t want. Unfortunately, I think my bag must a have been at the end when they were running out of time so they just took everything. All my stuff is gone. My bible, my camera, my journal, my money, my DL, my debit card, all my clothes….everything. The only thing I had left was my Nalgene and the clothes on my back. Hanna, Steph, and I just huddled together for a long time after that as we drove. I felt numb and I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. The rest of the time as we were on the river I felt so nervous like they were going to come after us again. They had driven close to the other boat and then drove away without harming them- I think they saw the angels that were around that boat. Some people may say differently, but I believe the angels scared them off. As we continued on we talked and cried and just tried to encourage each other and stay strong. When we were almost back to the Peru Projects base our boat ran out of gas. They had stolen our extra gas too, and we had already borrowed some from the other boat. We decided to pray. We said Lord, you have brought us this far, you’ve protected us and worked miracles please somehow give us enough gas to get back. While we were praying the driver had tried to start the boat and it wouldn’t work. Right after we said Amen he tried it again and this time is worked. ONLY God could work a miracle like that. When we got back to shore I immediately felt a huge sense of relief- land had never looked so wonderful. One of the couples that work at Peru Projects was there to greet us and brought us water. We unloaded our stuff and waited for Alfonso to bring us the spare key to the truck because that had been stolen too. We shared the story with the rest of the group and shared hugs all around. When everything was finally loaded; all of us who had been in the boat headed to the police station. We were there for a while as the doctor wrote out the incident. They asked us a few questions and then we left. I think we’ll have to go back tomorrow or Monday but who really knows, everything is so crazy right now.
When we got back the guys told us that Jenni had called and our parents had been calling. Word travelled fast at home and all our parents knew what had happened by the time we got back to the base. I’d never been so happy to hear my parents and sister’s voices than I was tonight. I was so scared that I wasn’t going to hear them again… God is so good. He saved all of us. I don’t even care about my stuff- I have my life. And I owe it all to God. My favorite Psalm is Psalms 91- I read it again and it has a whole new meaning to me now, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’ Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings will you find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand will fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes the punishment of the wicked. If you make the Most High your dwelling- even the Lord, who is my refuge- then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways…” That’s not even the whole chapter but I just cried when I read it. I know God saved my life today. And another God thing- when I talked to my mom she said she felt a very strong burden on her heart to pray for me around 3 in the afternoon. She said she felt worried about me and all she could do was pray. We were robbed at exactly 3 o’clock in the afternoon. If that doesn’t show you how big God is and how much love he has for all of us then I don’t know what does. My faith has certainly been tested and strengthened these past 2 weeks. With the fires and all these jungle experiences- I’d be glad for life to be boring for a while… :)
Thank you so much to everyone for all your prayers. They made it to Peru today. And every day no doubt, but they were certainly felt in a huge way today. I can’t tell you how much the support means to me. God is in control, and that is the most comforting feeling. And even though I have nothing, I have my life, and my God. My faith was strengthened today, I’ll never forget this.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


October 2, 2010
Sabbath was anything but restful today. Lauren and I made our traditional biscuit and gravy breakfast and it was quite delicious once again. :) The travel team (which consists of Steph, Lauren, and me) was going to Pucallpa for church at the same area that we had been working at for clinic this week. We were supposed to be there at 9, but because of the fires last night we were a little behind schedule and got there at 10… thankfully, Peruvian time is about 47 minutes late anyway. Haha. Church was good, and then we ate at some friend’s house that we had met this week. They had been really helpful with the clinic and they are super nice.
After lunch we came back to the base and much to our dismay there yet ANOTHER huge fire behind the house! I feel like the fire gang is out to get us this week. Seriously. The fire had completely burned all the grass by the barn and was quickly spreading through the pasture where the cows are. We made a line and hauled buckets of water for hours. Firefighting is no joke in case you were wondering. Oh, and I just have to insert something here- we have a tractor and a trailer with a big tank on it that we fill with water. The tractor is an antique, the hitch consists of a metal pin and a rope to hold the trailer on, and we fill the tank with a garden hose. Then we douse the fire with buckets and large cooking bowls. It’s just SO effective. Gotta love Peru. :) As we were fighting the fire in the pasture we saw another fire right behind Hector’s house. We all rushed that way to save the house. Thankfully we got there in time and the house was safe. Then, we went back to the pasture to finish putting that one out. We got all that done, and on our way back the Doctor yelled that there was another fire at the Yerbas Buenas church! We had to move the tank from the tractor to the back of the truck, fill it, and then all of us crammed in and drove as fast as we could to the church. By the time we got there the fire was pretty much under control and the church was not harmed so that was a relief. At the end of that, one of the guys was calling for water behind the church. I didn’t see any fire back there, but I thought they saw something that I didn’t see. So I just took a bucket of water back there and when I got there Daniel, Alfonso, and Anthony were waiting. I stopped and just then they drenched me with water. They had a bucket and the stole mine and just soaked me. It was funny now that I think about it, but I was so cold and just soaked to the bone. I screamed and they laughed. :) We got back and took showers and made popcorn and started to settle down for the night. Then, our worst nightmare came true. ANOTHER FIRE!! This time it was across the road from our property. It was spreading fast so we all got dressed once again and went to help them. We were out there for a while… finally, we got it all out. The headlight went out on the tractor so I used my head lamp for a headlight while Alfonso drove us home. By this time we were all beyond exhausted. Four fires in one night really takes it out of you. I never dreamed firefighting would be my Saturday night activity. Haha. I almost didn’t want to go to bed in fear that I would just have to get up again. But, I crashed into bed and slept really good. :)
I really just want to be a nurse when I grow up, not a firefighter. :) haha. But I’m making memories and everyone has been so good about being flexible and helping however they can. It’s cool to see us all come together. I just wish it wasn’t to fight fires. Haha.


October 1, 2010 at 1:45 am
I’m not entirely sure why I am up this late when I have to get up early to make breakfast… But today was a crazy day!!
We got up early to try and leave for clinic on time. That usually doesn’t happen… the guys are always slowing us down. I’m not kidding. The girls are always ready, but those boys are so slow! So today we left a little late, but we still got there at a good time. It was SO busy today, and there was almost too much help in the pharmacy. Steph was doing a lot of ear cleanings and that left me completely in charge of the 4 other people that were helping- 2 of them locals. I was so busy preparing and giving shots and helping the other people decipher the prescriptions and explaining meds to patients. The morning was crazy. It started to slow down, and I finally had time to take a drink of water. It was the last day of clinic in this particular area and it was Friday so we cleaned up shop early. Some of the guys went with Dr. Shayar to go see some snake, and those of us who didn’t go decided to go into Pucallpa for a little bit. We ran a few errands and it was about supper time so we drove over to this really nice restaurant that we had been wanting to try. We were so excited to eat our pizza, nachos, and chimichangas and no sooner had we placed our order when we got a call from the house saying that there was ANOTHER fire and we needed to come home now! So we cancelled our order and got back as fast as we could. We were fighting the fire until almost midnight. I’m so tired of fires. When we got back we all just sat at the table and then for some reason we started singing hymns. We sang for almost 30 minutes. For some reason, it just seemed relaxing and the right thing to do at the time.
This week has really taken a toll on me. I’m so tired and so sore. Everyone is. God is certainly making this an exciting time… :)


September 29, 2010 at 11:22 pm
Bangin’ is my new word. I’ve probably been using it to much. Haha. This food is bangin’, the clinic is bangin’… I like to use it in place of boring words like good or great. Haha :)
Anyway, I’m so tired and I can’t ever seem to get to bed at a decent hour. Then when I do get to bed I always want to blog so that I don’t forget what happened today. So, the first thing I did at clinic was redress the lady’s toe from yesterday. The dressing was a little bit stuck, and I felt bad when I took it off cuz I know it hurt her. But I redressed it and told her to come back tomorrow for us to look at it again. Then Lauren and I scraped a wound. This lady was in a motocar accident like 6 weeks ago and has a huge wound on her thigh that had gotten infected. We’ve been treating it every day and it’s looking a lot better than it did before! I still don’t love big burn-looking wounds, but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. That’s what I like about all this great experience- I get to see and do so much and it’s helping me overcome a lot of my fears or things that used to make me feel funky. Then I was just in the pharmacy the rest of the day. It was really busy, but we did get caught up in time to eat lunch, so that was good. After lunch, the doctor got a phone call about the jungle on our property being on fire. So we quit early and packed up quick and headed home. We had no idea what to expect, but all of us put on jeans and long sleeves and soaked ourselves in water and then went out to help fight the fire. Crazy the things you do as a missionary. Nurse/Pharmacist by day, firefighter by night. None of the blazes were too big, and the chicos pretty much had everything under control. We were out there for a while so by the time we were ready to come back it was dark and so we all climbed on the tractor and trailer that the guys took out there with a huge tank of water on it. Well, you have to understand how thick this jungle is- it’s sooo thick, everywhere you look it’s just dense trees and greenery. So when we were driving back I almost got my head cut off by a tree, but thankfully Daniel yelled at me just in time, it still got my ponytail tho and maybe a little hair. Haha.
Well, since I have to get up in 5 hours and 23 minutes I’m going to head to bed now. I think that’s all my exciting stories for the day anyway.
Good night. :)


September 28, 2010 at 12:47 am
Well it’s way too late for me to be up and my battery is about to die, so I’ll try to make this short and sweet-
I got to suture my first patient today. It was a little boy who had been attacked by a dog. I sewed up a cut on his shoulder blade.
We took a lady’s toenail off and I sacrificed my hair rubberbands to put around her toe so that it wouldn’t bleed everywhere.
We saw 168 patients from about 10 in the morning till 5, with only 30 minutes for lunch. Half of those lunch minutes I was sewing up the kid… we stopped clinic early because Dr. Dianne and Mary left this evening and we had to take them out to the airport.
We crammed 13 people in the truck with all of our supplies.
I counted and cut pills for like 4 hours tonight…
We have a huge day ahead of us tomorrow.
I need a back rub.
With God, all things are possible. :)


September 27, 2010 at 10:31 pm
Well, I have a few good stories to share. :) I didn’t write yesterday because Steph and I were up until 1 am packing meds for the clinic today. So, I’ll catch you up on both days.
Sunday was fairly productive- we did our grocery shopping, then Steph and I worked on Mitchell’s birthday surprise, then the guys were playing soccer at a school just down the road from here and they wanted us to watch so we did that. Well, there is a little story behind that too- they told us the game started at 4 so Hanna and I showed up at 4 ish ready to watch. Our guys weren’t there. We figured they would be late anyway so we didn’t worry about it we just waited. And waited… and played volleyball with a little girl, and waited some more. 5 o’clock came around and our guys still hadn’t showed up so we walked home. Turns out, the new bull had escaped so they were out looking for it. Haha. :) but when we got back they were ready to go, so we just went back with them and watched them play. It was fun, but they lost :( We had signs and everything and we cheered really loud for them. Everyone around us was just getting a kick out of it. I guess we were quite the sight. So that’s about the end of that story. Next story- I have found my favorite place here. It’s the shower, it’s my place of zen. Hahaha :) well, usually… Last night a huge, human eating moth attacked. It was literally 6 inches in diameter. It hit Steph first, she started to scream and then it did some crazy flying over to my side of the shower. I screamed super loud and then we hear the boys shout “I have a machete!” it was so funny, but you kind of had to be here, or at least hear me tell the story for it to be funny. Then it landed on the wall so I killed it with my flip flop. Hahaha I’m so hardcore. :) I really hate big bugs. That thing really could have been mistaken for a bat, in fact I think it was a cross breed. Lol.
So, today we started our big clinic that is going for the next 2 weeks. I have no idea where I’m going to get the energy to do this! I’m running on 5 hours of sleep already, so I’m super tired.. but overall I think today went pretty well. It was crazy busy, but that’s just the norm around here. We have 2 doctors now as well, so that means more patients. Another doctor came in on Sunday- Dr. Shire, he’s an anesthesiologist. He is only here for 2 weeks, but that’s how the long campaign is so it will be very nice. He’s a really cool guy and he even has legible Dr. handwriting!!! :) that was very exciting for me because I am queen of the pharmacy. Haha. I don’t have any great surgery stories, but we did put a suture in a little boy’s head because he whacked it on a table. Dr. Shire also debrided a wound on a lady, and that was pretty gnarly..I just don’t really love burns and the like… haha I gave a lot of butt shots, and even did a little translating! Tomorrow we’re headed back to the same place and I think we’ll be there until we see all the patients that wanted to be seen have been seen. So that might mean we’ll go there everyday for a week or more or less. Who knows. Haha we are still living here on base thankfully we didn’t have to pack up our lives and move there. I think things will move smoother as the week goes on. I have high hopes. :)
With God we can do anything. And that is the only way that we will be able to do it. I really hope God speaks thru us and that the people can see Jesus thru the way we treat them.


September 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm
Sabbath is always good, but always hard. I just miss the fam and home and all that a lot. This morning Lauren and I made some bangin biscuits and gravy. :) They turned out so good, I was rather impressed with us. Haha. Then my parents surprised me with an early Sabbath morning call, which really made my day.
Church was here on base this weekend. Actually, it was the Santa Elvita church that came here. I usually go to Yerbas Buenas for church, but yesterday we stayed here for church. It was really fun- we had Sabbath school and church and then a big potluck dinner. And I ate chicken!! Haha Shirley, the doctor’s wife, is a really really good cook and she had made chicken, so I decided to try it. I mean, I’m in Peru- you just gotta go crazy. Haha :) Lauren said it was the best chicken she’d ever had so I picked a good day to try it. And I have to say, it was pretty good. But I still like my vegemeat better :)
In the afternoon we sang a lot of songs and Jenessa and I played our ukes together, it was fun. Then played a lot of games with the kids- there was a big treasure hunt, hangman, sword-drill games, and a bunch of other stuff. At the end we split up into groups and had to act out a parable. Our group did the parable of the lost sheep. Everyone put cotton on their clothes and faces and I drew little black noses on them. I was the shepherd so I was clothed very beautifully in a bed sheet and I had a big stick in my hand. Good times. :)
Steph and I worked on my birthday surprise for Mitch for a while, actually so long that we missed popcorn! Sad deal. Haha then I talked to my parents and ended up getting another hour out of my phone card! And that made me very happy. :) if only I could talk to Mitchell too..
That’s about all I got for today.


September 24, 2010 at 10:59 pm
My battery on my computer is nearly dead, so I’ll try to get all my day in before it dies. Haha :) this morning Steph and I removed the stitches from the lady that we did the hernia surgery on. She seemed to be doing really well and her incision healed very nicely. It was good to see our finished project and see that she was doing well.
We talked with the doctor about the whole med purchasing fiasco. I had made a list of all the meds and where we could get them for the best price and I had calculated the total and everything, but since we only had a very limited amount of money to work with he had to cut down drastically on the amount of meds we bought. He decided on a couple that he thought we could do without and he took them off the list completely, and then he looked at all the expensive ones and cut the amount in half. We got the total down to something close to the amount of money we have. Unfortunately, when we went to exchange money at the bank the exchange rate was terrible so we got even less than we thought we were going to. But, we did what we could and bought what we could. The pharmacies didn’t even have enough of the meds that we needed so we’ll have to go back sometime next week probably to get more. I guess our big medical campaign starts on Sunday but I really have no idea what is going on. I don’t know when it starts or where it is or what we need to pack or if we’re coming back to base every night.. I just don’t know anything..
Tonight all of us girls had an hour of singing again. It was a very refreshing, worshipful experience. :)
Happy Sabbath.