Tuesday, August 31, 2010


August 27, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Today was a day of firsts. The first time Steph and I went to Pucallpa by ourselves, the first time I had a real “conversation” with someone in Spanish, the first time I had ice cream since I’ve been here :), the first time the internet quit while I was trying to talk to Mitchell, the first time I took charge in paying for our transportation, the first time I ate beans and rice out of a cup, the first time I practiced kid songs on my uke… Yes, a day a firsts. :)

Before going to Pucallpa, we stopped at KM21 to give a few people some meds and take one of the girls there to the Posta, which is a free medical clinic right down the road. We stopped there and Steph went in with her to make sure she understood everything that was going on. I stayed outside and waited in the motocar with our driver, David. We had a lovely conversation in “Spanglish.” Haha. He helped me with my Spanish and I helped him with his English. It went pretty well, my Spanish is still very incomplete- I would compare myself to the lovely Asian ladies at the nail salon, “you have boyfriend?” That’s about how I sound I think hahaha :) I forget the article words sometimes like do, or the, or it or things like that. And past tense is still a struggle… ugh. I hope it will get better in time. I know exactly what I want to say but it’s hard to think in English and spit out the words in Spanish. Hopefully by the end of 8 months and 2 weeks I will have things down pat. Haha.

So we got to Pucallpa and went to the airport for our free internet. We went to the little cafĂ© which is typically a wonderful place to be because they have AC. Well….today it was broken! So I sweat bullets for 2 and a half hours while we were there. But it was all worth it because I got the most delicious strawberry ice cream ever and I got to talk to Mitchell and I got caught up on FB, email, and blogging. It always seems that there is never enough time when I get to internet. So, if I didn’t write to you yet, it is not because I don’t love you. I do, and I probably miss you a lot too. So just know that. :) but when you only get 2 hours/week of internet you gotta be quick. Haha. After internet we ran a couple errands that entailed food and phone cards. Two staples here- cereal for Sabbath and phone cards to call the fam on Sabbath. Sabbath is a happy day. :)

When we returned to the base we were so hungry, and supper was not ready but there were leftovers from lunch so we had cold beans and rice in a cup for supper. Our plates were MIA tonight. You just never know where things run off to here. But we’re very adaptable, so it wasn’t a problem ;) haha we did end up making tortillas again tonight and they were mighty yummy. After supper, Bernadette told us that the 3 of us were in charge of Sabbath School for the kids tomorrow so we practiced a lot of fun kid songs, and I learned them on the uke so that I can play tomorrow, so that will be a good time. :)

Well on that note, Steph and I are getting up for an early Sabbath morning run so I’m going to say goodnight. :) Happy Sabbath!

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