Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It’s 8:39 and Steph and I have already settled down for the night. We did our flush, brush, and wash routine and this time we even included nail painting and back massages. :) it was a nice way to end the day. We talked about how we were feeling about all this and about our other SM friends and how we wonder what and how they are doing. This is such a neat experience, and I want to enjoy it all and just take it all in. I was feeling like that was a little hard today tho… but I’ll get to that later.

About the day- we attempted to sleep in a bit this morning but again that crazy rooster picks the hours between 5-7 to make his presence known so my restless night’s sleep ended earlier than I would have liked. We had some yummy breakfast and then we got ready for the day. Around 9 we walked out to the entrance of the base and got in a motocar, which is like a motorcycle with 3 wheels and there are seats in the back. We drove to Campo Verde, which is the town closest to the base. Bernadette was with us and she showed us around the town. We went to the Mercado (the market) and saw all sorts of food and meats. It’s kinda gross- they just leave the meat sitting out on the table and they swat the flies off of it occasionally. This is a typical practice in countries like these, but it makes me all the more happy that I am vegetarian. Haha  While we were at the market Steph bought a fruit called aguaje (pronounced agua-hey). We ate it for lunch and I was not too impressed with it. No me gusta aguaje. :) It looked like a hand grenade from the outside and was about as big as a kiwi. You peel off the outside and then eat it. It had a texture kind of like squash … it was very bazaar and I wouldn’t need to eat it again! Haha :) Then we walked down the road and saw the shop where we buy bread, we went to a bigger store and exchanged some money, then we walked up to this place called the Plaza. It is a very nice place in the middle of town and it has a fountain with a sidewalk and benches around it. After that, we went to the internet café and paid for 30 minutes of VERY slow internet- but it was very worth it :) When we got back we had a bit of down time so we did a little guitar and ukulele playing, then we had lunch with the guys. I tried to practice my Spanish, but I get very nervous when I actually have to talk. Haha, I’m hoping that will get better or I will get more confident!

This afternoon we had to finish organizing the pharmacy. The pharmacy is a small room in the house we are living in and there is actually quite a bit of stuff in it! We have all sorts of things from needles to cast wrap and there are a lot of meds! Thankfully the other girls had started the inventory of the meds, so there were just a couple of sections left. We easily spent 3 hours counting and recounting meds. It was a bit of a tedious job, but we had fun anyway.

We skipped out on supper tonight because at 7:15 they hadn’t even started cooking! I don’t like to eat that late and neither does Steph so we both decided we’d just have a granola bar and hit the sack. :)

Well, estoy cansada- buenas noches!

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