Friday, September 10, 2010


September 7, 2010 at 11:08 pm

7 times! I got poked with a needle 7 times today!! 6 in my arms, once in my butt!!! Haha We were practicing IV’s and injections today! I love poking other people, but I really don’t like it when needles are coming at me. Especially at my rear end. Haha! We did IV’s first- Steph and I started on each other. I got my first one perfect, but the catheter wouldn’t thread. I missed the second and got the third on her. I think she got mine both times. Then we practiced on some of the other people here. Some were surprisingly willing to let us poke them. I was excited about that. :) And I stuck them all! Yay!! I’m so thankful for my instructors at school and being able to work in a hospital this summer- it has helped so much! So, next we had to practice injections. I have done a lot of them in school so I felt confident about it. We were injecting each other with sterile water so I didn’t think it would hurt when we pushed it in- wrong!! The initial stick didn’t hurt but as soon as Steph pushed the water in it burned soooo bad! My arm was sore for a while. Then we had to do one in the butt. I’m not even joking. Here’s how it went- The Doc told us how to find the right spot and all that and then he says, you need to practice on each other so you know where to stick it. At first we thought he was kidding because he’s a big joker- he wasn’t. So right there in the hall I basically had to expose one butt cheek so Steph could shoot me! I mean, we’re friends with the Doc, but I wasn’t expecting him to see my butt 4 weeks after I got here. Awkward. It was all very comical tho. (I hope you’re laughing by now. :) ) When Steph poked me I squealed and moved just slightly- well she got scared so she didn’t put the needle in all the way so she basically injected into the fat of my butt and not the muscle. It hurt sooo bad! It was sore for a while- still is, in fact. Haha! It was a rather eventful morning. OH! Then he was teaching us positions that we needed to put patients in for different exams- vaginal, anal, pap smear… Yes- all very personal problems. Well I then had to demonstrate for him with Steph giving me directions so he knew that we knew what to do. Oh my, all very awkward. It’s a good thing he laughs at everything, and I do too. Haha :) So, that was our rather eventful morning- thankfully we’re saving local anesthesia for tomorrow.

Well, it’s rather late so I’m going to hit the sack. I’m hoping the Spanish I studied tonight will just sink into my brain and I’ll be a genius tomorrow. Hahaha :)

My spirits are a bit better tonight. Still feeling a little down, but I’m trying really hard to stay positive. Prayer, as always is my answer.

Good night!

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