Friday, September 17, 2010


September 15, 2010 at 11:21 pm
I really should be sleeping at this point in my day, but way too much happened for me to just skip writing! :)
So- this morning Caleb (one of the other SM’s) went to get gas for the truck and other equipment before we left for our clinic. Well, he ended up getting in a wreck! Thankfully, he is just fine but the back of our truck is all messed up. Caleb was trying to make a left turn and a taxi was coming up behind him and trying to pass him so when Caleb turned the taxi hit the back of the truck. Not only that, but Caleb didn’t have his license with him- he forgot it at the house- so they took him to the police station. The whole process ended up taking all morning and we were all very worried because no one really knew what was happening!
Well, the doc still wanted to do the clinic so he sent motorcars out to the house to get us and all of our gear. It took 3 trips to get all of us and the stuff to the village, but we made it. By that time it was noon, and we were all a bit mad to find out that the doc wasn’t going to be to the village until 2. So, we had all skipped lunch for nothing. But I had been snacking all morning so I wasn’t that hungry :) It was a bit frustrating, but Steph and I made the most of our time by organizing meds and labeling some bags of meds so they would be ready. At 2 we started the chaos. I took a few BP’s but then the doc was sending people out with prescriptions so I started to fill those. I have to say, I’m getting pretty good. By the end of the year I’ll definitely be a pro. :) We even got to give a few injections today, which I personally enjoy quite a lot. Haha. Then at 5:45 ish the doctor told us we were going to do another surgery. This time our patient was a cute little 4 year old girl. She had a big tumor on her upper thigh. We set up the equipment for the doc and got the girl situated. He came in and as soon as he put the needle in to numb her leg she started screaming and thrashing. It made my heart hurt to see her like that. But we had to hold her down tight so the doctor could work. It took 2 members of the dental team helping us to get the job done. I assisted again-handing him instruments and gauze, cleaning, holding clamps in place and the like. It was way awesome. The tumor was kind gross, he popped it and all this nasty cream cheesy looking gunk came out of it. Oh nasty- I don’t know if I can eat cream cheese anymore. Haha. We got the whole thing out and sewed her back up. Overall she did really well. Oh, I forgot to mention that in the middle of the surgery the power went out! Daylight was diminishing rather quickly and we finished the surgery with only a few headlamps to shine the way. Haha. Needless to say, even though it was a half day it was an exhausting one. Then when we got back tonight I had to sterilize instruments for our surgeries tomorrow- I think we just have 2, but you never really know. Haha.  I got them done, and this time I did not burn then in the oven! If we only knew how hot it really was…
God definitely gave me strength today, and I’m definitely going to need more tomorrow. I’m exhausted and I should probably hit the sheets. Good night!

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