Friday, January 7, 2011


January 5, 2011
I really like our days off because we get to go back to KM 38. I really feel like that’s my real home here. We got back last night and Lauren, Hanna, Steph and I just sat and talked for a long time and it was really good. Life is so much about people you meet and the relationships you form. I love the girls here so much, it’s just so good to have such great friends and support here this year.
I made a paper chain today- it has 19 links which is the number of Sundays I have until I go home. Well, actually on the 19th Sunday I will be home!! :) When I look at it that way, 18 weeks doesn’t seem like such a big number. It helps me anyway. :) And after that I only have to add 2 more links till I get to see Mitchell!!
After my paper chain I decided that I wanted to make my famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Let me just say, they are not quite as fabulously delicious in Peru. Our oven is ridiculous. I hate it. Haha. I burned the first batch pretty bad, the following ones continued to get better, but in the end they all had a very different texture than normal.. Ugh- nothing goes how you plan when you live in Peru. Whatever. Haha. I also made pumpkin bread because Mom send me a huge can of pumpkin so I just had to use it. That actually turned out pretty good, not gonna lie. :) Thanks mom! I’ve really grown to love baking here even if things don’t quite turn out right, it’s a good stress reliever for me.
So, I had a great trip to the internet today. I signed into my FB account and saw a bunch of new messages and notifications. That would excite anyone- don’t lie. :) Well, I started reading and I was amazed as I read a letter from Ariel, Kristen, Heather, Mark, Mitchell, and Chris all telling me that things are going to be ok and I can do it. I was overwhelmed. I can’t tell you how it made my day just to know that I had so many people who cared enough to take the time to write to me and just tell me that they care. I cried a little bit. Thank you so much everyone, even if you didn’t write me a FB message today. Haha :) I hope you know how much it means to me.
And I want everyone to know that my parents are the best. :) Thanks for the amazing talk and encouragement and advice that you always have for me Mom and Dad. I LOVE YOU.
Well, on that note, it must be time for bed. xoxo

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  1. Aww, I love your paper chain idea! I might have to copy that. I absolutely agree with you on baking being a stress reliever.