Monday, January 17, 2011


January 12, 2011
Here’s my discovery of the day- in Peru they push EVERYTHING to the limit.
Some examples:
-the capacity of cars and motos; they pack as many people as they can into whatever vehicle they are driving. 4 on a motorcycle, 25 in a pickup truck, 9 in a 5 person taxi.
-how far you can drive on literally no gas; if the needle is on “E” that means we can at least go another 20 KM.
-the rules of sanitation; I mean really, who needs to wash their hands before giving a shot or doing a surgery? A little dirt never hurt anyone. (or a lot of dirt.)
-the number of people we can see in one day at a campaign; 250 is really do-able, I mean I can totally fill prescriptions in the dark.
-8 missionaries can do anything that a group of 20 can do; we don’t need to sleep.
-2 buckets of water is definitely enough water for 13 people to shower with. No worries.
The point is, life here is crazy. But, to be honest, I really feel adapted to it. Now I’m in those packed cars and such. Stuff doesn’t really surprise me anymore. :) It’s just part of life now.
Clinic was chaotic as usual- we had soo many shots that we actually ran out of syringes. I gave a lot of baby and kid shots today- I really hate those. Even though campaign weeks are exhausting there is something I really like about them. Somehow they are invigorating.
Today I think I got to the point where I decided that I’m here for 4 more months and it’s go big or go home. I’ve got to keep goin, but I feel like I can do it. Granted, I still have hard days or moments where I really want to go home, but I know God is really helping me through each day.

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