Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 14, 2010 at 9:49 pm
Well, today was supposed to be our day off but things here never quite turn out the way you expect. Lauren, Steph, and I went to KM 8 today with a couple of the guys to finish up the work there so that it was ready for us to start our clinic tomorrow. Us girls were in charge of cleaning the rooms. As we began on the first one we found our lovely welcoming committee- 3 huge spiders and a lizard. The spiders, including legs, were nearly as big as my hand. And they were fast. And disgusting. I HATE spiders. Thankfully, we successfully killed them all, but where there are 3 there are bound to be more… I’m not exactly looking forward to spider killing becoming a daily routine… anyhow, the rest of our cleaning went without mishap and we even went to Pucallpa for a couple hours to do some errands. After that, we worked a little longer then headed home. Showers were priority and after that we did a little relaxing and that brings me to right now. I opened my computer to blog and found that a whole colony of ants decided it would be really grand to live in my computer. How wonderful.
Well, I’m tired and a bit grumpy so I think it’s time to pray and hit the hay.

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