Sunday, November 7, 2010


well, it's been a few days since I have written. My computer apparently contracted a terrible virus and it pretty much quit on me this week. Thankfully, one of the guys here, Anthony, has been working on it for me and he thinks he may be able to fix it.. at least till I get home.
I'll try to write a little summary of the week. It's still been rather uneventful around here. Steph and I subbed classes this week... That was a challenge. I learned that I do not have a teacher heart and that is definitely not what I want to do for a career. haha :) I did learn a lot tho, and I had fun with the kids. So, don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad! We taught english and religion classes. One class was very well behaved and acted like they wanted to learn, the other... oh my. They were crazy. I've never been in a class of that many children who were just running around the classroom screaming and throwing things. The worst part was that they would NOT listen to us. Even to Steph who is fluent in their own language. They were uncontrollable. I had a headache after that class, bless their hearts.
I did some more cooking and cleaning this week too.. Honestly, it's getting a little bit old. But, i keep telling myself that God put me here for a reason and if I can serve Him by cooking and cleaning then I will do it and try really hard to have a good attitude about it.
Yesterday, our two churches- Santa Elvita and Yerbas Buenas- had church together. I normally attend the Yerbas Buenas church, and everyone came to our church. It was a fun, but long day. We had Sabbath School first, and Jenessa, Hanna, Rebecca, and I were in charge of the kids sabbath school. Jenessa and I played our ukes and we sang a lot of songs, then Hanna read a story. We taught them the song "Your Everlasting Love" and they like that quite a bit because you get to jump. :) Then we had church, and after that a "potluck" dinner. Oh, i can't forget to mention how HOT it was. I think it was one of the hottest days since we've been here. And there was a lot of people crammed into our little church.. It was a sweaty event.. :) Then in the afternoon we had our JA program. We watched a movie and played some games and sang some songs. I taught them 2 games- the sharks and minnows game, execpt I called it Jonas y la ballena (Jonas and the Whale) to give it a little Sabbath spin. :) and then I taught them the knot game where everyone puts their hands in the circle and you grab a random hand and then you have to untie yourselves. It was pretty comical. After that, all of us were exhausted and were so thankful when it was time to go home. :)
This morning I received a call that I had been dreading... My Uncle Grover passed away early this morning... I talked to my dad for a little while and cried for a long while. I am very thankful for all the girls here with me, they all stayed right with me until I wasn't crying any more. I don't know how much God thought I could handle this year, but it almost feels like too much...
I just feel so helpless here. I can't be there to support my family.. i can't even cry with my family. I just wanted a hug from my parents so bad this morning.. But I'm here in Peru...
I know God promised he wouldn't give us more than we can handle... I just pray that he gives me strength to handle all this...

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