Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 18, 2010 at 9:51 am
I JUST FOUND ALL MY CHRISTMAS MUSIC! :) I’m so so so excited. My computer has been acting stupid because it has a bad virus but today it’s working and I was able to open my itunes and listen to Christmas music!!! How exciting!!!! :) It literally made my day.
So I have a few stories from yesterday- the first is pretty funny. I was doing an ear irrigation with Steph. Which, side note, ear cleanings are very exciting to do on these little kids because you get a TON of wax out of their ears and I know they must just feel so much better. Yesterday, we got chunks out of kids’ ears that were as big as the tip of my pinky finger! Dad, you would appreciate this a lot, I thought of you. haha :) Anyway, I was helping Steph and this lady was standing there with her camera phone really close to my face and all of a sudden I hear a click like she had just taken a picture. I kinda laughed and went back to the pharmacy to continue filling prescriptions. Well, the same lady comes to the pharmacy window and takes two more pictures of me while I’m working. Then this guy said to me, “Look here really quick!” So I look up and pose for her so she can get a picture of the white girl. Haha :) I thought it was pretty hilarious, and so did Steph when I told her the story. I feel like a celebrity here, they just love the white girls.
We got running water yesterday too! The guys came and put up a shower for us, but here’s the catch. The water only runs at certain times. For instance, yesterday it ran from about 3-6 pm and today it was running at 6:30 in the morning. Gotta love Peru. But I am thankful that we don’t have to haul water now, and if we’re lucky we can shower with running water!
We don’t have any gas for the stove we brought so we’ve been cooking over a fire. Good thing I was in Pathfinders all those years, or I’d have no idea how to cook over a fire. :) We made some oatmeal for breakfast and we boiled beans for lunch. As Lauren and I were building the fire for lunch some girls came over to help us, I guess we looked pathetic or something… haha They ended up cooking our rice for us, which was a huge help because I hate cooking rice. :)
Today we’ve just been doing the usual clinic thing. It’s crazy tho, I’ve had a lot of down time today and I’m actually blogging in the pharmacy right now… Not much to report for today- given lots of pain meds and lots of shots. Steph and I are probably going to end up helping the new doctor with diagnosing patients and prescribing meds so that will be pretty awesome. Actually, we saw a few patients today and prescribed meds for them! You really can do anything in Peru. You only need 2 years of nursing school and a summer working as a nurse tech and you got it! :)
I’m missing home a lot these days. I think it’s because it’s the holiday season and I love this time of year. I love being home with my family and all the traditions. The smell of fresh pumpkin bread, eating delicious potato soup, listening to Christmas music, wearing sweaters and scarves… I just miss it all. I’m so excited to see my dad in a month!
We finally got off the compound for a little bit tonight. Went into Pucallpa for supper and internet and ice cream. It was a nice treat. Well, another big day is in store for tomorrow, so I’m gonna hit the hay.

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