Tuesday, November 2, 2010


November 2, 2010 at 11:11 am
Wow. It’s NOVEMBER!! That is just crazy to me. And it’s especially crazy being here because I’m still sweating buckets and walking around in shorts and tank tops! Haha I’m missing fall at home. :( It’s probably my favorite season.
Life hasn’t been too exciting around here lately… Sabbath was pretty typical- church, slow afternoon, JA, and popcorn and a movie. Oh and Chris, a friend of Jenessa and Hanna’s, came to visit. He is a missionary in Lima and he went to Southern. He stayed for the weekend so that was fun to have another person in the group.
Sunday was our day off and I went to Pucallpa with some of the group. Met this crazy guy and chick from London at a vegetarian restaurant. The guy me all about this place in the jungle where he is living for a few months. At first it sounded pretty awesome but then he started telling me about his meditation practices and how I should try this drink that he loves. I don’t remember the name now, but basically it’s this all natural brew that gives you crazy hallucinations. Yeah, don’t think I’ll be trying that one…
Monday we had another day off because it was a holiday here.In the morning we got up really early and went to our church to fix up the outhouse. Sounds funny I know, but it only had three walls, no roof and no door. The boys nailed up the boards and Steph, Hanna and I chopped down grass with machetes. That is how they mow here. I have a big blister on my hand now.And it hurts. haha In the afternoon Steph and I played games, watched a movie and worked out and I had the best fruit salad ever for supper.
Then today… Jenessa and Hanna had to go to Lima to get Hanna’s new passport. So, Jenessa had asked Steph and I to substitute teach for her classes today. I don’t particularly like teaching but, I knew I needed to help a friend in need. So we went to the school this morning and no one was there! No teachers or students… I guess they don’t see a need to go to school when it’s been rainy. That made our morning easy I guess, although I was kinda looking forward to meeting the kids and teaching a little English.. oh well, I’m sure there will be more opportunities. We have one more class to go to this afternoon, but it’s going to be a no brainer because we’re just playing a movie. Being a student missionary is always fun because you really NEVER KNOW what you will end up doing. :)
And speaking of class, I’d better get going. :)

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  1. I love hearing about the usual stuff in your life because the usual is so unpredictable!