Sunday, October 3, 2010


September 27, 2010 at 10:31 pm
Well, I have a few good stories to share. :) I didn’t write yesterday because Steph and I were up until 1 am packing meds for the clinic today. So, I’ll catch you up on both days.
Sunday was fairly productive- we did our grocery shopping, then Steph and I worked on Mitchell’s birthday surprise, then the guys were playing soccer at a school just down the road from here and they wanted us to watch so we did that. Well, there is a little story behind that too- they told us the game started at 4 so Hanna and I showed up at 4 ish ready to watch. Our guys weren’t there. We figured they would be late anyway so we didn’t worry about it we just waited. And waited… and played volleyball with a little girl, and waited some more. 5 o’clock came around and our guys still hadn’t showed up so we walked home. Turns out, the new bull had escaped so they were out looking for it. Haha. :) but when we got back they were ready to go, so we just went back with them and watched them play. It was fun, but they lost :( We had signs and everything and we cheered really loud for them. Everyone around us was just getting a kick out of it. I guess we were quite the sight. So that’s about the end of that story. Next story- I have found my favorite place here. It’s the shower, it’s my place of zen. Hahaha :) well, usually… Last night a huge, human eating moth attacked. It was literally 6 inches in diameter. It hit Steph first, she started to scream and then it did some crazy flying over to my side of the shower. I screamed super loud and then we hear the boys shout “I have a machete!” it was so funny, but you kind of had to be here, or at least hear me tell the story for it to be funny. Then it landed on the wall so I killed it with my flip flop. Hahaha I’m so hardcore. :) I really hate big bugs. That thing really could have been mistaken for a bat, in fact I think it was a cross breed. Lol.
So, today we started our big clinic that is going for the next 2 weeks. I have no idea where I’m going to get the energy to do this! I’m running on 5 hours of sleep already, so I’m super tired.. but overall I think today went pretty well. It was crazy busy, but that’s just the norm around here. We have 2 doctors now as well, so that means more patients. Another doctor came in on Sunday- Dr. Shire, he’s an anesthesiologist. He is only here for 2 weeks, but that’s how the long campaign is so it will be very nice. He’s a really cool guy and he even has legible Dr. handwriting!!! :) that was very exciting for me because I am queen of the pharmacy. Haha. I don’t have any great surgery stories, but we did put a suture in a little boy’s head because he whacked it on a table. Dr. Shire also debrided a wound on a lady, and that was pretty gnarly..I just don’t really love burns and the like… haha I gave a lot of butt shots, and even did a little translating! Tomorrow we’re headed back to the same place and I think we’ll be there until we see all the patients that wanted to be seen have been seen. So that might mean we’ll go there everyday for a week or more or less. Who knows. Haha we are still living here on base thankfully we didn’t have to pack up our lives and move there. I think things will move smoother as the week goes on. I have high hopes. :)
With God we can do anything. And that is the only way that we will be able to do it. I really hope God speaks thru us and that the people can see Jesus thru the way we treat them.

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