Sunday, October 3, 2010


September 24, 2010 at 10:59 pm
My battery on my computer is nearly dead, so I’ll try to get all my day in before it dies. Haha :) this morning Steph and I removed the stitches from the lady that we did the hernia surgery on. She seemed to be doing really well and her incision healed very nicely. It was good to see our finished project and see that she was doing well.
We talked with the doctor about the whole med purchasing fiasco. I had made a list of all the meds and where we could get them for the best price and I had calculated the total and everything, but since we only had a very limited amount of money to work with he had to cut down drastically on the amount of meds we bought. He decided on a couple that he thought we could do without and he took them off the list completely, and then he looked at all the expensive ones and cut the amount in half. We got the total down to something close to the amount of money we have. Unfortunately, when we went to exchange money at the bank the exchange rate was terrible so we got even less than we thought we were going to. But, we did what we could and bought what we could. The pharmacies didn’t even have enough of the meds that we needed so we’ll have to go back sometime next week probably to get more. I guess our big medical campaign starts on Sunday but I really have no idea what is going on. I don’t know when it starts or where it is or what we need to pack or if we’re coming back to base every night.. I just don’t know anything..
Tonight all of us girls had an hour of singing again. It was a very refreshing, worshipful experience. :)
Happy Sabbath.

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