Sunday, October 3, 2010


September 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm
Sabbath is always good, but always hard. I just miss the fam and home and all that a lot. This morning Lauren and I made some bangin biscuits and gravy. :) They turned out so good, I was rather impressed with us. Haha. Then my parents surprised me with an early Sabbath morning call, which really made my day.
Church was here on base this weekend. Actually, it was the Santa Elvita church that came here. I usually go to Yerbas Buenas for church, but yesterday we stayed here for church. It was really fun- we had Sabbath school and church and then a big potluck dinner. And I ate chicken!! Haha Shirley, the doctor’s wife, is a really really good cook and she had made chicken, so I decided to try it. I mean, I’m in Peru- you just gotta go crazy. Haha :) Lauren said it was the best chicken she’d ever had so I picked a good day to try it. And I have to say, it was pretty good. But I still like my vegemeat better :)
In the afternoon we sang a lot of songs and Jenessa and I played our ukes together, it was fun. Then played a lot of games with the kids- there was a big treasure hunt, hangman, sword-drill games, and a bunch of other stuff. At the end we split up into groups and had to act out a parable. Our group did the parable of the lost sheep. Everyone put cotton on their clothes and faces and I drew little black noses on them. I was the shepherd so I was clothed very beautifully in a bed sheet and I had a big stick in my hand. Good times. :)
Steph and I worked on my birthday surprise for Mitch for a while, actually so long that we missed popcorn! Sad deal. Haha then I talked to my parents and ended up getting another hour out of my phone card! And that made me very happy. :) if only I could talk to Mitchell too..
That’s about all I got for today.

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