Monday, October 25, 2010


October 24, 2010 at 9:11 pm
Well, I haven’t written the past couple of days… So I’m going to try to cover all the exciting news that’s happened. :)
On Friday we got the coolest, ghettoest van ever. It’s a Toyota- a 1988 model, so that makes it 2 years older than me. There is no handle for the door on the inside, the knob on the shifter deal looks like a snow globe, there are stickers of Jesus and Mary on the steering wheel, and sometimes it just doesn’t shift, or it knocks itself out of gear. Today the boys had to push it to get it started. It’s a vehicle full of adventure. :)
On Sabbath 2 of the best things in the world happened. First, I used the new skillet that my parents sent down to fry potatoes. You have to understand that ALL of our skillets here are the most horrible things ever. They look like they’ve been through a fight with a baseball bat and EVERYTHING sticks to them horribly!! So, when I used the brand new, non-stick, perfectly amazing skillet I was VERY excited. And our potatoes and eggs were basically perfect. Then, on Sabbath afternoon around 4 o’clock I got to talk to Mitchell!!! For the first time in a month I got to hear his voice again. :) Basically the best thing ever. We were both so shocked that he actually got thru and that we were talking that our conversation was a bit scattered, but it was sooo great. :)
Then today—we had a clinic in a village about 20 minutes from here. We were supposed to leave at 7 so that translated into leaving at 8:30. We headed out in the truck and the van and drove out to the village. We got there and of course it was a surprise to the people there because that’s how we work in Peru- we just show up and tell them what we’re doing. The cool thing is, everyone is really ok with it. They are all so open and willing to help us with whatever. So today we used the little building that is their clinic and set up shop in there. It was nice because pharmacy got to actually have our own room! I didn’t feel so crowded and that was super nice. We gave a ton of shots and worked like crazy till lunch. Then it started to pour down rain. Steph and Caleb and I had to come back to the house for some extra meds that we were out of, and on the way back we got stuck in the mud. And I mean, like seriously stuck. There was a motocar in the middle of the road and we tried to go around them and our back wheel started to slip and pretty soon the whole passenger side of the truck slid into a ditch on the side of the road. We tried to get out, but to no avail. Several people passed us and then a nice guy on a motorcycle came by and tried to help us. That didn’t work either but Steph was able to go back with him and take the meds and then send for help. Caleb and I sat and waited and chatted for a while. Finally, some guys in a red truck came to our rescue. First they tried to pull us out from the front. That was a mistake because it got the truck even more stuck! Since the first idea was an epic failure they decided to pull us out from the backside. They tied our bumper to their bumper and pulled and pulled. Then we had to push- it was 4 Peruvian guys and me pushing with all our might. It worked, but I slipped into a huge, deep puddle of mud and got my feet all muddy. This mud was pretty much just clay and it was a mess. Our shoes had huge platforms of mud on the bottom. So when we tried to walk we just slid around all over. Finally, they did get the truck out. The whole fiasco took a couple of hours and I felt really bad because Caleb and I weren’t helping with the clinic during that time obviously.. But what can you do? Things just happen sometimes. So that was my exciting story for the day. :) Now I’m super tired so I’m headed to bed. Night!

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