Sunday, October 3, 2010


October 1, 2010 at 1:45 am
I’m not entirely sure why I am up this late when I have to get up early to make breakfast… But today was a crazy day!!
We got up early to try and leave for clinic on time. That usually doesn’t happen… the guys are always slowing us down. I’m not kidding. The girls are always ready, but those boys are so slow! So today we left a little late, but we still got there at a good time. It was SO busy today, and there was almost too much help in the pharmacy. Steph was doing a lot of ear cleanings and that left me completely in charge of the 4 other people that were helping- 2 of them locals. I was so busy preparing and giving shots and helping the other people decipher the prescriptions and explaining meds to patients. The morning was crazy. It started to slow down, and I finally had time to take a drink of water. It was the last day of clinic in this particular area and it was Friday so we cleaned up shop early. Some of the guys went with Dr. Shayar to go see some snake, and those of us who didn’t go decided to go into Pucallpa for a little bit. We ran a few errands and it was about supper time so we drove over to this really nice restaurant that we had been wanting to try. We were so excited to eat our pizza, nachos, and chimichangas and no sooner had we placed our order when we got a call from the house saying that there was ANOTHER fire and we needed to come home now! So we cancelled our order and got back as fast as we could. We were fighting the fire until almost midnight. I’m so tired of fires. When we got back we all just sat at the table and then for some reason we started singing hymns. We sang for almost 30 minutes. For some reason, it just seemed relaxing and the right thing to do at the time.
This week has really taken a toll on me. I’m so tired and so sore. Everyone is. God is certainly making this an exciting time… :)

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