Saturday, December 18, 2010


December 17, 2010
WOW. I think you can forget how much you miss something until you have it again and then you once again realize just how wonderful it was. For instance- a hot shower. Hadn’t had one of those in over 4 months!
Steph and I had seen this five star hotel in Pucallpa called Ucayali River Hotel and from the first time we saw it we decided that we were going to stay there! :) it was a pretty big chunk of change, but it’s been worth every penny!
We got here around one, went up to our AIR CONDITIONED room and got settled in. It was amazing- real beds, a real bathroom, and AC. We almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. There is a really big pool right outside our window, so we made use of that in the afternoon. Then we took a HOT shower- that was the best thing of my life. :) We were going out to eat so we dressed up all cute and took some time to get ready for a change. I turned on my blow dryer and was waiting for it to warm up and a live COCKROACH came flying out of it! Haha We both started laughing so hard- even in a 5 star hotel we couldn’t escape Peru. My blow dryer had been stored in my trunk under my bed so that’s where the roach came from- there has not been a single bug in the hotel. :) There is great Wi-Fi in our room so I’ve been enjoying that immensely. I got to skype my mom and sis for at least 2 hours today. It made my day :) I miss them sooo much… There was a party going on outside our window for a few hours this evening. They were playing some crazy music and then they set off fireworks right outside our window! Thankfully, they ended up leaving around 9:30- which I was surprised about because usually Peruvian parties last all night.
Dad gets here at 9 tomorrow morning!!! I’m SSOOOO excited! :)
I’d better get my beauty rest on a real bed without a mosquito net!! :)

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  1. I am so glad that you girls treated yourselves! You so deserve it. I know what you mean about the parties--it's like that in Honduras too. I hope you're having a blast with your dad!