Saturday, December 18, 2010


December 15, 2010 at 5:10 pm
Ah! I hate my computer. I started a great blog and it just closed my document and it didn’t autosave! This virus is literally going to be the death of me. haha.
Ugh, ok so back to what I was saying- in 5 months I will be home!! :) that’s an exciting thought. My dad comes in 3 days and then when he leaves I’ll only have to make it thru 4 and a half more months. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it here, it’s just been a hard first semester and recently I’ve just wanted to go home.
AGAIN! My document closed and didn’t save what I had just written!!!
Deep breath… ok, I’m going to try one more time.
Sometimes life here seems to get a bit redundant. Every morning we cross our fingers that we’ll have water, then we eat papaya and bread and cheese for breakfast, then we start clinic. Clinic consists of listening to everyone tell me that every bone in their body hurts and they have headaches all the time. Then we give meds, clean ears, give shots, clean ears, give meds, clean ears, give shots, clean ears… You get the picture. After clinic we eat lunch which almost always includes something with rice, then we do random stuff in the afternoon, take a bucket shower, then all of a sudden it’s time for bed and everything starts all over. I’m not trying to sound negative, I do like what I’m doing and I feel like it is a great opportunity for me to learn and perfect skills that I will be using in my career. I think it is time for break tho. Good thing it starts tomorrow afternoon for me!! :)
Yesterday Lauren left for home. We went into Pucallpa with her and took her to dinner and to the airport. I was desperately wishing that I could squeeze in her suitcase and end up at home too. Then two of my favorite guys- Chris and Caleb; left this morning super early so we said goodbye to them last night… and they don’t know if they’ll be coming back after break… That breaks my heart. Our team just won’t be the same if they don’t come back.
Good news- we have a fridge!! Lynn, the very nice guy that stayed with us for a couple weeks, decided that we really needed a fridge and he bought it for us!! :) We are all sooo excited about it. We went to the market today and purposely bought things that need to be refrigerated. We are just so excited. Our kitchen is a bit crowded now, but it’s so worth it.
Today we saw a baby that looked just like Vilfredo did when he first came to us. This baby weighs only 5kg and is a year and 5 months old… His skin looks absolutely horrible- it’s just peeling all over and his little bottom is so red and he just looks so unhealthy. Literally, he looks like skin and bones… He looks like a picture you would see in a text book. Things like this never cease to amaze me. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him better soon.
I was about to sweep out the big room this afternoon and I walked outside and found a little tiny puppy just wandering around in our front yard. He is soooo small- like the size of my 2 hands together. I showed him to Steph and she fell in love right away so we bathed him, picked his fleas off, and named him Max. I honestly don’t know if he’ll live, but I couldn’t just leave him out there by his little self.
So, Steph and I decided to stay in the Ucayali River Hotel on Friday night. It is a five star hotel and it’s basically marvelous. :) We went today to reserve a room and we got a tour of the whole place. It’s so beautiful. I’m so excited to stay there. I will be blogging about that for sure. Haha
Well, I’m tired and lonely for my family and Mitchell and all my friends… must be time for prayer and sleep. :)

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  1. I hope you kept Max and that he's doing great! :) -Bernie